New Masterclass

Reset: The Three Keys to Unlocking a New Level of Thriving in Dance

What if we started over?

What if we stripped away the expectations and pressures of dance began with that single spark of possibility again...what could happen?

This hour long online masterclass is designed to explore a new roadmap for dancers, based on a radical premise that holds promise for every dancer at every level.

We will cover:


A framework for understanding where you are

Dance involves intentional growth in four key areas, and we're often only focused on one, missing critical links and hindering our growth.


A powerful way to look at dance through a completely new lens

One that allows you to unlock new avenues to creativity and growth. One that breaks old patterns that are no longer of use to you.


The Number 1 Lie Too Many Dancers Believe

We're going to cover the number one lie dancers tell themselves and the way it turns a source of joy into a source of anxiety. Once you start cracking this nut, growth is inevitable

You are capable of the extraordinary. 

But it won't happen on accident. 

Have you ever watched another dancer just go for it - the kind of dancer who just exudes sheer joy, completely comfortable in their own skin, and find yourself wishing you could do the same?

There's no way to say this without sounding like a cheesy informercial:

The secret is that you're no different. As dancers, we get tunnel vision so easily. We get hung up on lack of technique, body issues, or comparisons. This has been reinforced by archaic teaching and bad myths and dance world. The truth is more freeing than we could have guessed.

What would it feel like to attack a class with no insecurities?

  • How would walking into a studio feel?
  • How does learning change when you're fully in tune with yourself?
  • What kind of unique and untapped creativity lives in you?
  • What about constant obligations, career stress, and familial responsibilities?

A Note From Instructor...

Hi, I'm April. And I get it.

I first presented this class at the Professional Dance Convention and was so honored by the feedback. Your love for dance matters to me and anything I can do to guide you to more success is a win. I've learned too many dance lessons the hard way, and unsurprisingly, it was two horrid injuries back to back that send me on a mission to seek out partners, question information, and seek a better way to move dancers forward. This is a source of joy for us, so it should never feel complicated.