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Connect with something bigger. Our teachers deliver the best classes to the happiest dancers.  Let's get to know each other.

Let's Make Magic

Who We Are:

We are Infuse Dance Studio, Riverside's first studio for adults. We've created a space where dancers connect, thrive, and grow. Our space is full of positive energy and the most generous dancers around.

This is not by accident. We work continuously to build a space and team that sets us apart. While most studio's hiring process may include an interview at most, we take a fanatical approach to hiring and training. Our dancers are worth it, and we respect dance too much to compromise.

Who You Are:

You can't do without dance. You're just not yourself without it. The energy and joy that comes from teaching is what fuels you. You're looking for a place where you can both give and receive. You give a fantastic class, and you're looking to grow in your own knowledge and skills. You're looking for a place that loves dance as much as you do.


All of our teachers must have at least three years of teaching experience to teach a workshop. Teachers wishing to title their class a "Master Class" will need ten years experience. 

Guest Teaching Process


We take a hybrid approach to the success of guest classes at the studio. It's a team effort between our team and our guest artists. If your class is a good fit, we will set a date, create an invite and a flyer and begin promoting. We ask that you actively participate in the promotion of your class by working with us on social media to spread the word. 

Getting Paid


We pay our guest teachers via Venmo or direct deposit. There are two choices for structuring payment:

1. You keep 70% of what comes in, with 30% going to the studio, regardless of attendance.


2. You dictate a flat rate of pay and we dictate a minimum number of attendees.

Over the last ten years we've seen that the guest teachers most invested in the process and the success of their class are the best fit for the culture of the studio, not to mention that team work elevates dance in all the right ways. 

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