On behalf of the whole staff, we absolutely love expressing ourselves with you! 

And don't want it to end...ever.

 It's just so good.

Dance is so good. So good. And there's hardly any place around that lets adult take classes in a place made just for them.

And we get to do it here. We get to dance Samba and Salsa, flow in Contemporary, Pop it, Lock it, Drop it, you name it!

And in all seriousness, that's a gift.


We'd be genuinely sad to see you go.

We created Infuse for people to discover and rediscover themselves, to train and train hard, to build community...to come ALIVE.

Creative, physical, and emotional release is a non-negotiable in life. And where else can you do all three in a place where people are always happy to see you?

Maybe you just got busy. That happens to us as well. You can always pause your membership to hold on to your rate, avoid future registration fees, and pick up where you left off. Just please give 3 days notice to ensure not being charged again.

Good idea. I'd like to pause my membership.


But if you really must go, we'll be here waiting with open arms... always.

Please cancel 7 days prior to next payment to avoid further charges.

Cancel Membership