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Welcome! We are seeking experienced teachers that would thrive in our environment. A studio is only as successful as their team, so we hire instructors who are willing to connect to the community and contribute to the vision.

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What is your first and last name?

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And your email address?

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Where can we find you on Facebook and Instagram?

(we require teachers to be active on social media to better connect with our dancers)

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Tell us a bit about why you + Infuse would make a great team?

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What class and class level are you looking to teach?

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How long have you been teaching this style?

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When are you available to teach? (please list your regularly availability)

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What is your desired pay?

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Outside of dance- who are you? Hobbies, passions, causes, nerdy interests, whatever you feel gives us a little picture of you. 

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Why do you love teaching dance? What is it that you find fulfilling about it?

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Please link us to the video requested in our "Start Here" video

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