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Hey there! We're excited to see that you're interested in presenting work in the 2021 Student Concert. 


Please note that along with filing this application, you and your dancers must be active members or taking classes at the studio in order to participate. 


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Jumping right in.


Please tell us your first name.

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Please provide your last name.

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What's the best email address we can use to reach you?

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Getting into the fun stuff.


What style of dance are you looking to present?

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Please be aware that your work is required to meet a minimum of at least 1 minute and cannot exceed 4 minutes.


What is the estimated length of your piece?

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How many dancers are you looking to work with?

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Our commitment to you:


Throughout the month of August we will highlight and showcase you and the work you're creating.


We will always be available for any questions you might have, and will try our best to give adequate feedback should you request it.


We are committed to offering you a space to rehearse. Please let us know if you will be needing rehearsal space or not by making a selection below.


Yes, I would like to discuss a time and day to use the studio.


No, I have a place to rehearse.

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Please note that all choreographers and dancers must be available for each date and time listed below. We suggest confirming these dates with your dancers prior to filling out this application.


Mid-way showing. Final intent form due. This form will be sent to you via email.-- August 14th at 1pm


Tech/Dress rehearsal -- August 27th at 6:30pm


Performance day -- August 28th 

Call time: 5pm

Performance starts: 7pm


By selecting the button below you are agreeing to be present for all dates and times mentioned above. 


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Your commitment to us. 

This application will serve in good faith that you the choreographer, along with your dancers, will honor all commitments through the performance date.


Please only submit application if you are sure that you and dancers can honor all commitments, as the studio will be budgeting, marketing and planning the evening based upon this application.


We look forward to seeing your magical manifestations!



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