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Hi there! We're so glad that you are willing to spend your time in our space.

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Getting into the nitty gritty.


Studio availability: 

The studio will not be available to rent during business hours. Not sure when we're open? Click the link below to take a look at our schedule.



Please be aware that we do not allow black soled shoes or heels of any kind in the studios.


Accessing the building:

The California Tower building does not require you to have a code during the day. We will provide the code if the building will be closed during the hours you plan to use the space.


There will be a MasterLock box just outside of the studio door with the key to enter. You will be given a temporary code via email once payment is completed. Do not share your code with anyone. Please make sure to replace the key once you are finished.



Due to COVID protocols, you are required to sweep and sanitize any surfaces you used once you are finished. Cleaning solution, along with rags, are located in the back hallway and can be found in the bottom left cabinet. Brooms and the dustpan are located behind the door leading to the back.



You will be asked to create an account to pay for the space. Payment must be completed at least 48hrs in advanced to ensure that you receive an access code.


Cancellations / Rescheduling:

In some cases, you will be asked to move your rental time, free of charge, if the studio is planning on having an event or needs the space for business matters. 


Cancellations must be requested at least 72hrs in advanced. Any cancellations after this will result in a $15 late fee. 


By selecting the button below you agree to follow these guidelines and treat the space with the utmost respect. Should any of these guidelines not be met you will no longer be allowed to rent the space.


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Our sound system is easy to use. 



To turn on the speaker simply flip the power switch; circled in the photo above. 


Playing music:

Use the aux cord to plug into your computer or phone. Keep in mind that if you need a phone adapter you are required to bring your own. 




Please do not move any equipment, except for volume and the power switch on the speaker. Should you happen to break anything while there you will be required to replace it.


Security statement:

For your safety and protection the studio is under 24hr surveillance.


Great, thanks!

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Almost finished.

Let us know the reason you are renting the studio.


Rehearsal - $40/hr


Filming - $65/hr


Employee - $25/hr

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Final stretch.

Tell us which day(s) / time(s) you will need to use the studio. 

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