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Welcome! We are seeking positive, proactive, innovative teachers who love to learn, create, and engage.

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What is your first and last name?

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What class and class level are you looking to teach?

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How long have you been teaching this style and where?

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Why do you love teaching dance? 

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What is your availability?

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What is your desired pay per class?


From the owner, to the teachers to our administrative team, we carry the same three traits. We are:




Here's what it looks like.


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What this looks like in the studio: There is no shortage of demands on our time, so when adults choose to spend their time and money with us, we are elated!  We become a place they can't live without, a place to discover and rediscover themselves, a space to connect and grow. It's important to us that we greet them with a smile and teach with a generous spirit, regardless of what kind of day we've had. 


Your turn: Is there a place or person in your life that consistently provides a positive environment? What does that do for you?

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What this looks like in the studio: We believe in community building. We believe we create a "destination spot". We believe dance is for everybody and all bodies.  At Infuse, every teacher takes ownership of the mission. See something we could do better? We want to know.  Notice someone did something wonderful? Let's tell them. 


But most importantly, be prepared to be in a relationship with the team and the dancers, continually making space for connection.


Your turn: Tell us about a project or job you've been involved in where you've witnessed a truly proactive approach, either by yourself or others. What did it look like? How did it help the overall outcome?

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What this looks like in the studio: Many of the ways dancers are trained are rooted in unquestioned tradition. The economic model of studios, types of classes, and the ways we perform don't change often. At Infuse, we're interested in experimenting. Have an idea for an immersive experience? A one of a kind workshop? A new performance program? A different way of teaching class? All ideas will be heard. 


Your turn: Tell us about a time in your life that you really stretched your creativity-- big or small, we love to hear it.

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Please link us to a video where we can see you in action, either dancing or teaching, or choreography:

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Outside of dance- what would be your dream day? What would you do? 

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Why do you think we'd be a good fit?

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Lastly, there are few things teaching at Infuse requires:


1. All teachers must actively learn, train, and create. We are looking for teachers who want to keep growing, training, and learning.


2. Lastly, engaging is the most important action you can take at Infuse. This means participating regularly in conversation with staff and students, usually on Slack, IG, or FB. If you cannot be regularly involved outside of a weekly class, this isn't the right place for you.


If this sounds good to you, we can't wait to meet you. True community comes from the inside out. Not only do we want to create a destination spot for the people who walk through our doors, we want to create that for our teachers and staff as well.   if you're looking for a place to call home and grow with, you've found it!


Sounds great!

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