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Our behind-the-desk interns are the backbone of our studio. Harness your job skills, dance for free, and make new friends in a great environment. Walk away with work experience, dance technique, and a network of amazing, vibrant people. Please note, this is an unpaid work-study internship.

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Administrative Work Study


Cleaning Crew

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What attracts to being a part of the team at Infuse?

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Are you committed to a period of at least six months?





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Who are you? Give us the scoop- interests, passions, heart and belly cries. We want to know.

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What would you hope to get out of a work-study arrangement?

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What is your availability? 

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We require all team members to communicate via the Slack app and regularly check their notifications. Are you able to do this?

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Anything else you'd like us to know?

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"We are seeking people who have a high level of integrity, love people, don't gossip, and truly would like to invest in our community as well as themselves. We can not tolerate inconsistency or being 'flaky' when it comes to commitments.

How do you feel about these statements?


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