Dance is for ALL bodies | Dance is for EVERYbody | Dance is for YOUR body 


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The vision.


When people dance, they come ALIVE. 

Dance is for ALL bodies

Dance is for EVERYbody

Dance is for YOUR Body


In the studio

What is like to dance here?

So good. 

We offer classes in different many different genres, from Ballet to AfroContemporary and almost everything in between. 

There is truly something for everyone!

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The Studio:

We are a vibrant, life-filled place. 

We're all about diverse classes, a welcoming environment, and plenty of opportunities: We have professional companies, a community dance company, performance teams, community performances, a teacher training program, and more.

Check out this video of our most recent community flashmob

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Meet our amazing staff!

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Jesicris: Hip Hop 1 + 2

Ericka Brown: Jazz Funk + Contemporary Floorwork

Crystal Edwards: Photographer

Gabriela Garcia: Photographer

Betti Guerra: Floor Barre + Ballet

Myeshia Hall: Jamaica Jam + Pound

Nadine Hassan: Jazz

Arrian Maize: Video Vixen

Dolly Marlowe: Burlesque Basics

David Martinez: Nightclub Salsa

Michelle Owusu: Contemporary 1 + 2

Michael Recon: Intro to Hip Hop Choreography

Kevin Tenorio: Musicality & Body Control

Kristle Younger: Groov3

Hannah Wolgemuth: Powerhouse Jazz + Social Media Guru + Admin Manager


Had trouble finding a studio just for adults.


Struggled with getting "stuck in your head".

Felt intimidated at the thought of (re) starting.

 You are in the right place.

We have just the thing for you! 

Dancer's Launch Guide

Need a little push? Coming back to your first love? Just starting out? Dive into this power packed e-zine with nuggets, insights and reflections to get you (re)started.

Dancer's Launch Guide

Need a little push? Coming back to your first love? Just starting out? Dive into this power packed e-zine with nuggets, insights and reflections to get you (re) started!

A note from the owner

The Vision for Infuse

Hi, I'm JS!

I'm 52. I dance full out full time.

30+ years ago a vision was born. 1989. San Francisco. I was 20.

Late one night, I heard music wafting out of a tiny club. The music called, I responded. 

Next thing I knew I was wildly dancing. 

I had never danced in my life. I had never taken a dance class. I had never even thought of being a dancer.

It was an awakening. It’s as if I were living in full color for the first time. 

My life was totally uprooted and transformed that night. It led to a dance class, then another, then a professional career spanning 3 + decades 14 countries, and so many different cultures. It caused me to start and restart over and over, no matter the cost.

Dance introduced me to me. I fell in love with me. After traveling the world it led me home, it led me here, it led me to you. What joy! 

But WAY more than that, 

It birthed a vibrant vision. 

I saw a destination place, a studio so alive that people would get on a plane, take a train, drive a car, ride a bike, run, walk, crawl, fall; anything to get there because the environment was that enticing  and the classes were that good.

I saw big windows, sweaty bodies, drums, joyful people, movement, color, community, expression... Life. 

A place for people to discover and rediscover themselves, to train and to train hard, to build community... to come ALIVE 

Infuse Dance Studio is that vision come to life! We are the most effervescent, welcoming adult dance community with a sumptuous offering of classes at all levels for all bodies.

We just need you

I love this studio. All the transformations over the years have made it more rich, more saturated with a culture of belonging. I'm so proud to call this my home and you my family. - JS

🎵 What's my favorite place .. Infuse🎵