When people dance, they come alive.




When people dance, they come alive. 


Had trouble finding a studio just for adults.


Struggled with getting "stuck in your head".

Felt intimidated at the thought of starting.


You are in the right place. 

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Who are we and why did we do this?



What's this place all about?



What do we offer and who's it for?. 


Life is too short to not dance, so we made this space for you.


It is way too hard to find a dance studio that is both made for adults and feels welcoming, so people are forced to choose a life without dance, burying a part of their creativity.

When people dance, they come alive. They feel connected, expressive, and experience uncomplicated joy. 

We provide a full schedule of classes at all levels just for adults, because everyone deserves to fully express themselves always in all ways.


The Transformative Power of Dance

1989. San Francisco. I was 20 years old. 

Late one night, I was running to the store and I heard music wafting out of a tiny club. The music called, I responded. 

Next thing I knew I was wildly dancing. 

I had never danced in my life. I had never taken a dance class. I had never even thought of being a dancer.

It was an awakening. It’s as if I were living in full color for the first time. 

My life was totally uprooted and transformed that night. It led to a dance class, then another, then a professional career spanning 3 + decades 14 countries and so much love, but WAY more than that, 

It birthed a vibrant vision. 


I saw big windows, sweaty bodies, drums, joyful people, movement, color, community, expression... Life. 

The quest for dance and all it could do led me to different countries, different cultures caused me to start and restart over and over. It gave me an undying, never satiated hunger for life and all it has to offer.

Dance introduced me to me. I fell in love with me. After traveling the world it led me home, it led me here, it led me to you. What joy! 

I love this studio. All the transformations over the years have made it more rich, more saturated with a culture of belonging. Im so proud to call this my home. -JS


The Studio

What is like to dance here?

So good. 

In Studio:

We are a vibrant, life-filled place. Check out this video of our open house. 

We're all about diverse classes, a welcoming environment, and lots of opportunities: We have professional companies, performance teams, community performances, a teacher training program, and more.



Online (on hiatus):


Over the years, lots of dancers have moved away and wrote us to talk about how hard it is to find dance. The solution was simple: live stream all of our classes. 

We all did it! We went online for all nearly all of 2020 and half of 2021. We entered each other's intimate spaces and kept dance alive. We are currently reworking our online platform please stay tuned!. 


Our Staff


Julie Simon: Owner + Barre Blaze + Samba + Afro-Contemporary

Jasmine Cortez: Community Director + Movement Design

Michael Recon: Zumba + Intro to Hip Hop Choreography

Michelle Owusu: Contemporary 1 + 2

Morgan Davison: Floor Barre + Ballet 1 + 2

Kevin Tenorio: Musicality & Body Control

Jesicris: Hip Hop 1 + 2

Ericka Brown: Jazz Funk

Kristle Younger: Groov3

Dolly Marlowe: Burlesque Basics

Nadine: Jazz 1 + 2

Jamie Gallagher: Tap

Robert Lopez: Latin Dances

Aisha Bardge: SoulFull Flow

Myeshia Hall: Jamaica Jam + Pound

Stephen Tanner: The Creative Approach

Makeda Kumasi: West African

Gabriela Garcia: Photographer