The "I love this place" place.

A dance studio for adults.  




The "I love this place" Place

A dance studio for adults.



Life is too short to not dance...

         ...or to spend time at a place you don't love.

  It's hard to find a dance studio that is made for adults, has diverse classes and most of all is welcoming. 


Here We Are

You Found Us!

At Infuse Dance Studio, we've created a full schedule of classes for adults of all levels so that they can boldly move their bodies and experience the pure joy of dancing.


When we dance, we come alive!

Are you ready to take a class?


Maybe you're way ready.


Maybe you're a bit nervous.


We have something for everyone. 


We have all things with you the adult dancer in mind.

Are you ready to take a class?


Maybe you're way ready.

Maybe you're a bit nervous.

We have something for everyone.

We have all things with you the adult dancer in mind.


How to Start:

Get into class in two simple steps:

1. Select a class

Head to our schedule page and choose your first adventure. 

2. Reserve your spot

Just below the schedule is a reservation form. No account creation, no credit card required.


Dear You, 

It doesn't matter your level or training; if you feel compelled to dance, you are a dancer, and we can't wait to dance with you.

See you on the dance floor! 


Infuse Dance Studio


You're never too old, too young, too anything. It's never too late.

 If you want to dance, that's all it takes.


Dancer's Launch Guide

Need a litle push? Coming back to your first love? Just starting out? Dive into this power packed  e-zine with nuggets, insights and reflections to get you (re) started!

Dancers Showing Love 

"The entire staff is supportive and inspiring."

"'s wonderful here. Both the choreographers and the classes are DOPE ..."

  "Amazing people.     Amazing classes.   Amazing community!"

More Questions?

You can reach us by:

Email: hello (at)

Phone: (951) 223-6683

Apply to work here.

Stop by:

3737 Main St. Riverside, CA 92501

Or through this handy form: